Les avantages d'un brasero carré

The advantages of a square brazier

Apr 23, 2024Marion BRIS

Square brazier: friendly warmth and modern design

There's nothing like gathering around a brazier to enjoy good food while spending a pleasant time in the company of loved ones .

If you are considering investing in a fire pit for your garden or terrace , you find yourself faced with a crucial choice: square or round?

In this article, we will explain to you why opting for a square brazier could be a wise decision , combining both functionality and aesthetics.

Versatile use of heat

One of the main advantages of a square brazier is its ability to offer several cooking zones .

Due to its right angles, a square brazier allows the heat to diffuse in different ways, making cooking easy and enjoyable .

The space around the hole in the plancha allows food to be cooked quickly, while the corners of the plancha will keep the items warm without the leather .

For a hassle-free and stress-free kitchen to cook your food well, opt for a square shape.

Advantages of

A larger cooking surface?

When we compare the cooking surface of an 80x80 cm square brazier to that of a round brazier of the same size (equivalent diameter), the square brazier offers a greater cooking surface .

Square Brazier (80x80 cm):

The formula for calculating the area of ​​a square is simply side x side.

Thus, for a square brazier measuring 80x80 cm, the total cooking surface is 80 cm × 80 cm = 6400 cm 2 .

Round Brazier (equivalent diameter):

The formula for calculating the area of ​​a circle is π × ( diameter /2 ) 2 .

If the round brazier has a diameter equivalent to 80 cm, then the radius is 80 cm ÷ 2 = 40 cm , and the cooking surface of the round brazier would be π × 40 cm 2 × 40 cm 2 5024 cm 2 .

Comparing the two, we see that the cooking surface of the square is indeed greater , thus offering more space for grilling, cooking or simply enjoying the fire. This makes the square fire pit a practical choice for those looking for a larger cooking area.

Increased security

The square shape of a brazier also offers better stability compared to a round brazier .

The four legs are well balanced , which greatly reduces the risk of accidental tipping, even when the fire pit is placed on uneven surfaces.

This added stability is especially important if you have children or pets who may be tempted to play around the fire pit. Obviously it is strongly recommended to keep children away from the brazier .

For even more security, come and discover our protective wooden tower.

Modern aesthetic appearance

A square brazier brings a touch of modernity and elegance to your outdoor space.

Its geometric shape fits perfectly into contemporary and minimalist environments , adding a discreet but undeniable aesthetic note.

The clean lines of your corten steel brazier will give your terrace or garden a chic and sophisticated look .

Why opt for a square brazier when you want a designer garden

Space Management

If you are looking to maximize the use of space in your outdoor space , the square shape is your ally.

Unlike the round which can seem bulky, the square design fits harmoniously into various configurations, providing increased flexibility.

This is particularly beneficial for small patios or terraces , where every inch counts.

Square brazier for a warmer exterior

Sustainable Investment

Considering all these advantages, choosing a square brazier is equivalent to making a lasting investment.

The combination of enhanced functionality, modern aesthetics and ease of use makes the square a wise choice for those looking for a long-term solution for their needs.

Opt for the shape that revolutionizes your moments of relaxation and conviviality: choose the square brazier.

In conclusion

A square brazier has many advantages that make it an excellent choice for your moments of relaxation outdoors.

Thanks to its versatility of heat zone, its increased stability, its modern design and its versatility , it helps to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for your outdoor evenings .

So, if you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space while enjoying pleasant warmth, do not hesitate to opt for square and enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

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