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How to empty and clean the ashes of your brazier

Dec 20, 2023Marion BRIS

Summer evenings often conjure up images of friendly gatherings around a brazier, illuminating the night with its dancing flames and creating a warm atmosphere.

However, once the party is over, finding yourself with a fire pit full of ashes can seem daunting.

How to efficiently and cleanly empty your fire pit so that it is ready for the next evening?

Discover practical tips and simple steps to empty your fire pit with ease, ensuring hassle-free evenings around the fire.

How to empty and clean your brazier

Why not have an ash drawer on your braziers?

We have deliberately chosen not to integrate an ash drawer into our braziers , favoring quality and durability.

The intense heat generated by a fire pit could warp the steel plates of the drawers, rendering them unusable in the long term.

Our approach aims to ensure robustness, thereby avoiding complications related to drawer mechanisms.

Instead, we encourage the use of ash shovels and metal buckets for simple and effective manual cleaning, ensuring a hassle-free user experience and longevity of our fire pits.

Step 1: Wait for the ashes to cool

Before you start emptying your brazier , make sure that the ashes have cooled sufficiently. This will avoid any risk of burns and make the process safer.

Wait at least 4 hours after the fire has gone out before starting.

Step 2: Get the Right Tools

To empty your fire pit efficiently, you will need the right tools. A metal bucket, ash shovel, and heat-resistant gloves are essential equipment.

Make sure your bucket is resistant to high temperatures to avoid any accidents.

Step 3: Remove Ashes Carefully

Using the ash scoop, carefully remove the ashes from the fire pit and transfer them to the metal bucket.

You can also use an ash vacuum cleaner.

Make sure you do this methodically, starting at the edges and working toward the center. This will prevent any unnecessary overflow.

How to empty your brazier

Step 4: Check for Remaining Embers

Before you consider the process complete, be sure to check that no hot embers have remained hidden under the ashes.

Use a metal rod to gently stir the remaining ashes and make sure everything is completely cooled.

Step 5: Store Ashes Properly

The ashes from your fire pit can have surprising uses , including as fertilizer or even as a snow removal agent.

If you choose to keep them, be sure to store them in an airtight container to avoid the risk of accidental fire.

Once your brazier is empty, don't forget to put on the protective cover.

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