Entretenir son brasero KIBRULE

Successfully use your KIBRULE brazier for the first time

Nov 23, 2023Marion BRIS

Have you just purchased your KIBRULE brazier? Do you want to get off to a good start and know what to do before embarking on this great adventure? You are in the right place !


When using your brazier for the first time, it is important to light a small fire for around 30 minutes to allow the cooking plate/plancha to heat up and relax.

When making your fire pit, the middle of the cooking plate was gently pressed towards the inside of the bowl to allow the fats to drain into the fire and not onto the ground . When the brazier cooking plate heats up, it is normal for it to deform.

CAUTION: If you light too big a fire when you first light your KIBRULE brazier, the cooking plate could become too deformed.

It is essential to prepare the cooking plate of your fire pit correctly by following the correct procedure.

How to light your fire pit for the first time


In the tank of your brazier, stack the pieces of wood two by two , as if you were building a wooden cabin or a teepee.

Place the bark of your log towards the outside to prevent the formation of smoke and optimal fire starting.

To start the fire in your brazier, you can use newspaper or fire lighter , which you will place under your logs to create the first flames. A little spark and that's it.

Find out which wood to use here.


Depending on the weather conditions and the outside temperature, the cooking plate of your fire pit can reach a temperature of around 300°C towards the inner edge and 200°C towards the outer edge .

Once your fire has started, spread the hot mass under the edges of the cooking plate and add a new log in the middle , bark side up.

Repeat the process for as long as you want to keep the cooktop hot. You'll find that it takes a lot more wood to keep the cooktop hot in the fall and winter compared to the spring and summer.

Once the meal is finished, let the fire go out on its own without touching it . Once the embers are extinguished, you can remove the ashes or remove them for future use. Finish by protecting the plancha with the lid .

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