Achat de brasero à Paris

Brasero Paris: Buy a brazier made in France

Dec 05, 2023Marion BRIS

The art of the French brazier.

Our high quality braziers are entirely made in FRANCE , by us.

Welcome to Paris , where the charm of the city meets the warmth of our exceptional products!

At KIBRULE, we understand the importance of creating welcoming and stylish outdoor spaces, and our fire pits are designed to add a unique dimension to your Parisian evenings.

Explore our range of high quality fire pits designed to add a warm ambiance to your exterior .

Our braziers will serve as a barbecue, plancha, heating and outdoor decoration . We have succeeded in creating beautiful, simple and effective products.

All our fire pits are supplied with a protective cover to ensure durability.

All our braziers are available for delivery throughout France. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Paris: Buy a brazier made in France

- Born in France -

"Buying KIBRULE braziers made in Béziers offers many advantages, from artisanal quality to the preservation of the local economy, including customization and respect for the environment. It is a wise choice for consumers concerned about the quality, authenticity and economic impact of their purchases.”

Who are we ?

KIBRULE is above all a company from Béziers.

Located near Béziers and more precisely in Vendres , we are passionate about design, craftsmanship, good cuisine and convivial moments with family and friends.

We create designer, well-thought-out and high-quality braziers , ideal for enjoying with others.

Added to this is various garden furniture , always of high quality.

To discover the team, click here.

Paris: French braziers made in Béziers

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