Brasero nord de la France: Fabrication Française

Brasier north of France: French manufacturing

Feb 21, 2024Marion BRIS

The art of the brazier in the north of France.

Our high quality braziers are entirely made in France , by us.

In this region where the climate can be capricious, a brazier is not only an aesthetic addition to your garden or terrace, but a real life companion that extends the evenings and brings together friends and family.

Made to brave the cold and create a cozy atmosphere, our braziers are manufactured with particular care for durability and design.

Discover our high-end selection to enhance your outdoor spaces with warmth and aesthetics.

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"Buying KIBRULE braziers made in France offers many advantages, from artisanal quality to the preservation of the local economy, including customization and respect for the environment. It is a wise choice for consumers concerned about the quality, authenticity and economic impact of their purchases.”

Who are we ?

KIBRULE is above all a company from Béziers.

Our braziers are available throughout the north of France, we are passionate about design, craftsmanship, good cooking and convivial moments with family and friends.

We create designer, well-thought-out and high-quality braziers, ideal for enjoying with others.

Added to this is various garden furniture, always of high quality.

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French braziers Northern France

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