Comment utiliser un brasero

How to use a brazier?

Dec 18, 2023Marion BRIS

Master the Art of Cooking with a Fire Pit: Complete Guide

The brazier, much more than a simple decorative element , can be a central element of your outdoor kitchen, adding a modern and warm touch to your culinary talents .

Discover in this complete guide how to get the most out of your brazier dedicated to wood cooking.

Tutorial on how to use a brazier?

1. Choose the Right Wood:

The choice of wood is essential. Opt for hardwoods such as oak, beech or fruitwood, which offer slow combustion and generate long-lasting embers. Avoid softwoods which can produce unwanted residues.

Discover our article on which wood to choose for your brazier.

2. Prepare a Good Fire:

Arrange the wood in the brazier to promote even combustion. Stack the logs, creating space to allow air to circulate, encouraging a robust fire.

3. Wait for the Embers to Form:

Before starting cooking, wait until the flames have created a bed of embers. The embers will provide a constant and uniform heat source, ideal for slow and tasty cooking.

How to use your wood-fired plancha brazier

4. Use Appropriate Utensils:

Equip yourself with utensils suitable for cooking on the brazier, such as grills, cast iron cooking plates or spits for roasts. These accessories will allow you to diversify your preparations.

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