Où trouver le meilleur emplacement pour installer son brasero à la maison ?

Where to find the best location to install your fire pit at home?

Dec 18, 2023Marion BRIS

Nowadays, the brazier is a central accessory to liven up and decorate your exterior.

Our braziers are a source of heat, comfort, decoration and kitchen accessory allowing you to create a pleasant space for convivial moments with family or friends .

Whether in the campfire version or as a kitchen element, this design object will find its place in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony.

Where to find the best location to install your fire pit at home?

Tips for choosing the right location for your brazier

1. Safety First:

Above all, make sure that the chosen location is safe and complies with security regulations. Keep it away from combustible structures such as trees, awnings or tents, and maintain a safe distance from buildings.

Place it on a flat surface so that the oil does not leak and there is no risk of the object falling.

2. Consider the wind:

Consider the direction of the wind in your outdoor space. Place this design object so that the smoke is not directed towards the areas where you want to relax. This will ensure a more pleasant experience and avoid any discomfort from smoke.

3. Integrate into your decoration:

Position the fire pit in the heart of a conversation area, surrounded by comfortable seating. This promotes a social atmosphere and creates a visual focal point, transforming your fire pit into the centerpiece of your evenings.

Where to find the best location to install your fire pit at home

4. Near a Non-Combustible Surface:

For added safety, place the fire pit near a non-combustible surface such as patio slabs, bricks or gravel. Avoid areas covered with artificial grass, dry grass, trees or leaves that could catch fire.

5. Accessible for Cooking:

Since this designer item is intended for cooking, make sure it is installed near an area where you can prepare meals with convenience.

6. Respect Local Regulations:

Check local regulations and building codes to ensure your installation complies. Some neighborhoods may have specific restrictions regarding the use of fire.

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