Les différentes techniques de cuisson au brasero

Brazier cooking techniques

Jan 11, 2024Marion BRIS

Welcome to the fiery world of brazier cooking, where flame dances with flavors and culinary passion comes to life.

In this article, we will explore the various methods of brazier cooking, an ancestral art that has spanned the ages to offer an unparalleled taste experience.

From the traditional grill to spit cooking and indirect cooking , let's discover together how the brazier becomes the scene of gastronomic delights, capturing the very essence of conviviality and sharing around the fire.

Prepare to dive into a world where heat meets creativity, revealing unique and exhilarating ways to master the art of fire pit cooking.

Brazier cooking techniques

1 - The traditional grill: The essential part of the brazier

The traditional grill remains the most emblematic method of brazier cooking. With its metal grill placed above the hot embers, it offers direct and rapid cooking which seals in the juices of the meat, creating a crispy crust and irresistible aromas.

To optimize this method, be sure to preheat the grill to prevent food from sticking and to ensure even heat distribution.

2 - Spit Cooking: A Whirlwind of Rotating Flavors

Spit cooking is a method that dates back to ancient times, where meats were skewered and turned over the fire.

This technique allows for slow, even cooking, letting the juices soak into the meat while creating a tender, succulent texture.

The use of spices and aromatic herbs during the rotation adds an extra dimension to this culinary dance.

3 - Cooking in a pizza oven: Always more possibilities

The introduction of the fire pit pizza oven provides a unique dining experience. The intense heat of the brazier simulates the conditions of a traditional wood-fired oven, producing pizzas with a crispy crust and perfectly cooked topping.

Adding aromatic wood to the flame gives a hint of smokiness that elevates each bite to the next level.

Ps: You can also make pies, bread to share, focaccia etc.

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