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Dec 05, 2023Marion BRIS

The art of the French brazier.

Our high quality braziers are entirely manufactured in Béziers , France, by us.

Designed to bring warmth and conviviality to your outdoor moments, our braziers embody the very essence of the French art of living .

Our braziers will serve as a barbecue, plancha, heating and outdoor decoration .

We have succeeded in creating beautiful, simple and effective products.

Each brazier is supplied with a protective cover.

All our braziers can be delivered throughout France and abroad.

Buy a brazier made in Béziers

- French made -

"Buying KIBRULE braziers made in Béziers offers many advantages, from artisanal quality to the preservation of the local economy, including customization and respect for the environment. It is a wise choice for consumers concerned about the quality, authenticity and economic impact of their purchases.”

Who are we ?

KIBRULE is above all a French company.

Located near Béziers and more precisely in Vendres , we are passionate about design, craftsmanship, good cuisine and convivial moments with family and friends.

We create designer, well-thought-out and high-quality braziers , ideal for enjoying with others.

Added to this is various garden furniture , always of high quality.

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French braziers made in Béziers

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