Les meilleures recettes à faire au brasero

The best recipes around the brazier

Dec 13, 2023Marion BRIS

Welcome to the deliciously warm world of the best recipes around the brazier.

Explore with us a palette of exquisite flavors and discover how the magic of flames can transform each ingredient into an unforgettable culinary experience.

Whether you're passionate about grilling, slow-cooked dishes or indulgent desserts, our collection of recipes specially designed for the fire pit invite you to an outdoor sensory feast.

Get ready to savor convivial moments and create unparalleled gastronomic memories, while enjoying the captivating atmosphere of the brazier.

1. Meat skewers in the brazier

  • Marinated meat

    Choose your favorite meat and marinate it in a homemade sauce for added flavor.

  • Vegetarian?

    Opt for vegetable skewers grilled in the brazier, a real treat for the taste buds.

  • Delicacies

    Add fruit for a mix of sweet and savory flavors.

  • Always spicier

    Add hot sauce for the thrill seekers.

The best skewer recipes around the brazier
Brasero Recipe: Cheese Naan Brasero Recipe: Cheese Naan
Brasero delicious duck breast recipe Brazier recipe: Duck breast with clementine marmalade
Brasero Recipe: Radish with bacon and Espelette pepper Brasero recipe: Radish with bacon and espelette pepper
Brazier recipe: Cooked peppers, mozzarella and ham

Brazier recipe: cooked peppers, mozzarella and ham

2. Frozen cocktails to cool down

  • Margarita:

5 cl Tequila

3 cl Triple sec (cointreau, grand marnier)

2 cl Lime juice

  • Daiquiri :

2 cl of lime or lime juice

1 cl of cane sugar syrup

4 cl of white rum

  • Mojito

4 cl of white rum

2 cl of cane sugar syrup

6 mint leaves

½ lime

1 sparkling water

10 ice cubes

Delicious cocktails to accompany a brazier: mojito, margarita

3. Grilled Vegetables

  • Seasonal vegetables

    Choose seasonal vegetables for more flavors: zucchini, eggplant, onion, peppers.

  • Olive oil and spices

    Brush your vegetables with olive oil and spices on the brazier for more flavor. Here we love paprika and herbs de provence.

  • Goat cheese

    Grilled goat cheese pairs perfectly with grilled vegetables.

Kibrule brazier and grilled vegetables on the grill

4. Gourmet desserts

Grilled bananas


Melted chocolate

Roasted hazelnuts

Red fruit crumble

Red fruits




Kibrule recipe
Kibrule brazier recipe for caramelized flambéed bananas

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